« Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind » – Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), Critique of Pure Reason, 1781.

Artcape incorporates to the communication projects that are entrusted to her different business ressources, or crafts, among which:

Consulting and Strategies: Guidance and monitoring of communication lines in the fields of culture, corporate and sports sponsorship. Definition of editorial guidelines, taking into consideration the contexts and practices specific to the entities concerned.

• Editorial contents: creating and managing of editorial content is one of our key activities. This notion of creating content can be envisaged in several ways, but in every case, the editing process (writing texts, articles, stories, news, newsletters, press kits, interviews …) and photography (film or digital capture, collection management, image processing, documentary management, curating exhibitions …) play a large part. Such content may also include video (HDV shooting, post production, webinterface …), graphic design or museography.

Digital Media: in the complexity of Internet crafts, Artcape is firmly taking position for the deployment of the trilogy « axes, contents, media » that make its signature. These include: coordinating web administration platforms: producing and monitoring editorial content on official websites; designing, developing and implementing corporate internet projects; creating platforms for live following of events related to sports sponsorship; developing multi-lingual web interfaces; producing and implementing multimedia content; mobile environments and smart-phones;  implementing the social-media experience in business platforms.