Thoughts without content are emp­ty, intui­tions without concepts are blind” – Imma­nuel Kant (1724–1804), Cri­tique of Pure Rea­son, 1781.

Art­cape incor­po­rates to the com­mu­ni­ca­tion pro­jects that are entrus­ted to her dif­ferent busi­ness res­sources, or crafts, among which:

Consul­ting and Stra­te­gies: Gui­dance and moni­to­ring of com­mu­ni­ca­tion lines in the fields of culture, cor­po­rate and sports spon­sor­ship. Defi­ni­tion of edi­to­rial gui­de­lines, taking into consi­de­ra­tion the contexts and prac­tices spe­ci­fic to the enti­ties concer­ned.

• Edi­to­rial contents: crea­ting and mana­ging of edi­to­rial content is one of our key acti­vi­ties. This notion of crea­ting content can be envi­sa­ged in seve­ral ways, but in eve­ry case, the edi­ting pro­cess (wri­ting texts, articles, sto­ries, news, news­let­ters, press kits, inter­views …) and pho­to­gra­phy (film or digi­tal cap­ture, col­lec­tion mana­ge­ment, image pro­ces­sing, docu­men­ta­ry mana­ge­ment, cura­ting exhi­bi­tions …) play a large part. Such content may also include video (HDV shoo­ting, post pro­duc­tion, webin­ter­face …), gra­phic desi­gn or museo­gra­phy.

Digi­tal Media: in the com­plexi­ty of Inter­net crafts, Art­cape is firm­ly taking posi­tion for the deploy­ment of the tri­lo­gy “axes, contents, media” that make its signa­ture. These include: coor­di­na­ting web admi­nis­tra­tion plat­forms: pro­du­cing and moni­to­ring edi­to­rial content on offi­cial web­sites; desi­gning, deve­lo­ping and imple­men­ting cor­po­rate inter­net pro­jects; crea­ting plat­forms for live fol­lo­wing of events rela­ted to sports spon­sor­ship; deve­lo­ping mul­ti-lin­gual web inter­faces; pro­du­cing and imple­men­ting mul­ti­me­dia content; mobile envi­ron­ments and smart-phones;  imple­men­ting the social-media expe­rience in busi­ness plat­forms.